Learn from the person that designed the Mastercam® Multi-axis & Hole Making interfaces!

From basics to advanced concepts – Learn what you need to know!

  • We tailor every training class specifically for YOUR needs, not a generic template classroom.
  • Your training will revolve around your parts as much as possible, focusing on tricky or hard-to-machine features.
  • Holistic approach to training means we will discuss job setup, work holding, process efficiency, tooling selection, feeds & speeds, etc. to improve your entire workflow, not just “learning Mastercam┬«.”

Who benefits from training?

  • We have experience teaching everyone at all levels of their manufacturing journey. From the person who doesn’t know how to draw a rectangle, to the one who has been programming advanced parts for years and wants to up their game.
  • Training has always been an effective ROI for any business for a myriad of reasons; Increased capabilities, better throughput, decreased programming & cycle times, etc.

How long have you been training people?

  • As mentioned on the About Us page, Aaron has been training all levels of manufacturing professionals since 2005 starting as the lead applications engineer & trainer for Centroid Performance Racing.
  • After moving to CNC Software (makers of Mastercam) in 2012, Aaron ran numerous multi-axis training classes for resellers and customers over the course of his career there.
  • Aaron is also a adjunct professor teaching Mastercam classes at QVCC.
  • He was also involved in the design of multiple curriculum taught by many organizations.

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