Aaron Eberhard
Vector MFG Owner

Vector Manufacturing was founded by Aaron Eberhard in 2022 to solve today’s manufacturing problems.

Aaron started his career with Centroid Performance Racing in 2005, by creating the process that would end up being taught to more than 100 race shops to create their racing cylinder heads. Depending on the customers’ needs, that could be anything from using on-machine probing to digitize an existing port and cut them back to creating a billet cylinder head from scratch. Every machine delivered came with two weeks of training to ensure the customer success! While there, he also helped design the fixturization, control interface, and training regime for block work.

In 2012 Aaron moved to CNC Software, the makers of Mastercam, the worlds’ most-used CAM program. While there, he was the Multiaxis & Hole Making Product Owner which is software-development speak for “Product Manager.” Aaron was responsible for designing the interfaces and workflows for some of the most complex parts of the software, the Multiaxis toolpaths, as well as simplifying some of the most finicky parts, hole making. In addition to designing the interfaces, he worked with resellers, customers, application engineers, and partners to ensure that they were able to machine their complex parts with Mastercam. He also helped design curriculum to help train the next generation of programmers on these advanced toolpaths.

When not focusing on work, Aaron is most likely to be on the race track, either as a racer or as an instructor. He’s been performance driving since 2002, racing since 2009, and instructing since 2018, with groups such as NASA NE, and MassTuning, and Xtreme Xperience, always living by the mantra written on his helmet, “Don’t Panic!”

He lives surrounded by his awesome family and furry companions in Stafford, CT.